A Little Bit Of Rain

This past weekend was the weekend of my high school graduation. It rained all weekend and most people were upset about it. I should have been too since this meant we had to have our ceremony inside, and my grad party was the next day which put a “damper” on those plans but I wasn’t. I know a lot of people find that rain ruins plans, means you can’t do anything, and is depressing, but I’ve always loved rain.

If anything I find rain to be cozier than sunshine. Yes I love sunshine and think it’s beautiful but rain brings people closer together. I know this is cheesy but really nothing beats cuddling up on a rainy day, watching a movie, surrounded by blankets. Rain can be really beautiful too. I also think that rain makes you feel more. It’s proven that rain affects peoples’ emotions. I don’t think it has to have a negative impact, rain can provoke deeper thoughts, and makes you appreciate the warm sunshine more. I don’t know, I’m just saying that I love rain and I think people should learn to thrive in it instead of getting upset about the weather.

Anyways, I made a rainy day playlist for those “staring out the window like I’m in a music video” moods, hope you enjoy!

Love, Francesca


16 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Rain

  1. Lily says:

    Hello, Francesca! So good to see you blogging again. First, HUGE congrats on graduating! I agree with your thoughts on rain when I get the chance to be inside–it is cozy. I’m sorry it had to happen then though! But what a stellar moment to pull out that beautiful umbrella–I’m in love with painting prints, especially impressionist landscapes.
    imperfect idealist


  2. queenofallyousee says:

    happy graduation ❀ i love the rain as well, were having a really rainy season atm. my fam and friends hate it but ive always love how it can easily turn my day extra cozy… and lazy hehe!
    ps. the umbrella is cute!


  3. Ali says:

    I’m right there with you, love! I adore the rain. It’s so peaceful and acts as a damper for all those annoying neighborhood noises like children and cars and dogs barking (since the dogs go inside, hee hee). I’ve got some rainy day playlists as well… you can’t ever go wrong with soft music and rain together! John Mayer is such a good pick.


  4. Maiken says:

    hey, Francesca! thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such an adorable little note there. I appreciate it a lot. anyway, I read your thoughts about the rain, watched the photos and tried to be in the cosy situation you were describing. it almost worked I think. I have nothing against rain when we don’t have too much of it. sunshine gives us vitamine D but when it only rains we can’t get it, hehe. in Estonia we have very little sunshine anyway so I really appreciate those days without rain. but at the same time I’m not very surprised when we rain, rain and more rain.


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