A Little Bit Of Rain

This past weekend was the weekend of my high school graduation. It rained all weekend and most people were upset about it. I should have been too since this meant we had to have our ceremony inside, and my grad party was the next day which put a “damper” on those plans but I wasn’t. I know a lot of people find that rain ruins plans, means you can’t do anything, and is depressing, but I’ve always loved rain.

If anything I find rain to be cozier than sunshine. Yes I love sunshine and think it’s beautiful but rain brings people closer together. I know this is cheesy but really nothing beats cuddling up on a rainy day, watching a movie, surrounded by blankets. Rain can be really beautiful too. I also think that rain makes you feel more. It’s proven that rain affects peoples’ emotions. I don’t think it has to have a negative impact, rain can provoke deeper thoughts, and makes you appreciate the warm sunshine more. I don’t know, I’m just saying that I love rain and I think people should learn to thrive in it instead of getting upset about the weather.

Anyways, I made a rainy day playlist for those “staring out the window like I’m in a music video” moods, hope you enjoy!

Love, Francesca