Allentown Art Festival

Oh how much I wish I was good at art. I’m not though, I am literally terrible. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate and enjoy looking at it! Every year as tradition, my family and I go to the Allentown Art Festival in Buffalo. I love going to this and walking around the city, looking at all the cool art people are showing. Though a lot of artists don’t let you photograph their work, some let me and here are some of the photos I took.

These mini air balloons were one of my favorites! Each one was so unique!

I found this both hilarious and adorable, these dogs are lucky they didn’t have to walk!

This tree was so big they gave it a plaque. No ordinary trees get plaques.

We went to this amazing Thai restaurant called Taste of Siam. I fell in love with the place after having the best iced coffee in the entire planet.

Flowers on Elmwood

“The ‘Earth’ without ‘Art’ is just ‘Eh’.”

{Wearing: J.Crew dress thrifted from Second Chic, braided belt, and Lucky Brand wedges}

Love, Francesca


15 thoughts on “Allentown Art Festival

  1. Ali says:

    FRANCESCA! I’m so so glad you’re still here! I was on your old blog the other day as I was cleaning out blogs since so many people stopped in like, 2014, and I saw that you hadn’t posted a while. I am seriously so happy that you gave me your new blog link! You know I couldn’t ever forgetcha, girl. 😀 This just sounds like a magical day. I love wandering around places that have tents pitched with artisans and their work looming below them. And that Thai food looks amazing.

    “No ordinary trees get plaques.” Preach, girl. I can’t wait to keep following alongside your adventures. Yayayay!

    Love, Aliiiii


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